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Certified Strategies Receive:

Guaranteed Subscription Revenue

As soon as you achieve C2Star Certification, we guarantee you receive at least $1,000 per month of subscription revenue for each month you're certified (or we'll pay the difference)

Reduced C2 Fees

Keep 75% of any subscription revenue you earn (instead of normal 50%)

Prominent Marketing

We will increasingly steer customers to C2Star Certified Strategies

Eligibility for ScoutAlpha program

We will work with CTAs, hedge funds, and large investors to discover rising stars in trading. C2Star Certified strategies will be our main focus.

We're looking for the best traders. If you have what it takes, get C2Star Certified.

It's important you understand C2Star Program Requirements before applying. Failure to meet all performance requirements will automatically terminate your participation in the program. (You'll be able to start again, but a new one-time Application Fee will be required.) No refunds for the Application Fee can be given, regardless of when performance failure occurred.

Trading is serious business, and C2Star is a strict certification program, designed to find only the best trading talent. If you're not ready for it, that is okay. Please consider delaying your application, and first running a strategy without C2Star Certification.

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